The Awakened Tribes of Israel & The Greater Exodus

This page is mostly a collection of studies from other sites that I've found while researching the Tribes of Israel & the Greater Exodus. Let us learn together. Let us repent together. Let us go Home together.

The Return of the Scattered Tribes of Israel


YHUH is regathering the scattered and lost tribes of Israel, as promised and prophesied throughout scripture. Because of the sins of our ancestors in breaking His covenant that they swore to keep at Mount Sinai, He promised to scatter the tribes all over the world. He is awakening us to our identity right now. He is showing us who we are, that we are the descendants of those who were scattered, the lost tribes of Israel. He promises to awaken us, regather us, and take us back home to Israel. If you’ve ever been drawn to Israel or the tribes of Israel, then you are one of us. If you are returning to the covenant of the Torah or you have been keeping it for some time then you are one of us. Join this internet Community whose time has come, centered on the identity of the Awakened Tribes of Israel & The Second, Greater Exodus. This is such an exciting time to be alive!

The Egyptian Exodus & The Greater Exodus

This is part SIX of a fascinating 7 part series by Monte Judah called The 7 Greatest Prophecies of Torah

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