Historical United States Flags And What They Mean

St Georges Flag.png

Scotland St Andrew Flag.png

Kings Colors Flag.png

Grand Union Flag.png

Betsy Ross Flag.png

Bennington Flag.png

Star Spangled Banner Flag.png

Confederate Battle Flag.png

Second Confederate Flag.png

Third Confederate Flag.png

General Lees Headquarters Flag.png

Civil War Flag 34 stars.png

Old Glory Flag.png


One thought on “Historical United States Flags And What They Mean

  1. The consensus among historians is that New Jersey Continental Congressman Francis Hopkinson designed the American flag. (See: Leepson, Marc. “Flag: An American Biography.” St. Martin’s Griffin. 2005. p. 33.) Furthermore, the Wikipedia article on Francis Hopkinson states that he designed two flags — one for the United States and one for the U.S. Navy. Ironically, Hopkinson’s Navy flag became the preferred National flag. The Wikipedia articles on (1) Betsy Ross and (2) the Betsy Ross Flag contain new research from the 2010s on Mrs. Ross’ flag-making role. Earl P. Williams, Jr., U.S. flag historian (paleovexillologist)


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