Who Are YOU America?


Author Stephen Spykerman from Wales spoke at the Assembly of Called-Out Believers giving two messages on Shabbat May 26th, 2018… the first message was called “King David’s throne in Europe” and the second was called “Who are you America”! Both studies reveal where Israel is hidden both in Europe and in America!

Stephen is the founder of Mount Ephraim Watchmen and a former Board Member of the Commonwealth of Israel with Pastor Isaac, and served as the Moderator at the 2016 Shavuot Conference in Jerusalem as well as the 2017 COI conference.

Stephen is the author of “Christians and Jews – the Two Faces of Israel” as well as “Who are you America?” and “A Game Changing Revelation – Volume 1 & 2: The Hidden Ancestry of America and Great Britain” and many other books which reveal much about who and where the descendants of Israel are today! See how this knowledge reveals more understanding about who and where Israel has migrated and lends a deeper understanding to your true identity in Israel!


2 thoughts on “Who Are YOU America?

    1. Dat is geweldig. Hij doet uitzonderlijk onderzoek. Ik ben zo blij dat de hemelse Vader hem heeft gebruikt om ons te helpen weten wie we zijn in deze laatste dagen. YHUH zegene u.


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